Optical Illusions Ltd. provides fiber optic lighting advantages by giving the ability to locate lighting fixtures where traditional electrical fixtures cannot be installed or in areas that are difficult or impossible to service. Because the illuminators can be mounted in a remote area and the fiber carries little or no heat, designers are free to create with fewer restrictions.
         Fiber optic cables only carry light to the point of illumination. The illuminator and electricity that powers it can be many yards away from the objects or areas being lit. Fiber optic systems are the safest way to provide illumination. Few people realize that the second biggest cause of restaurant and hotel fires in the U.S. is from neon transformers arcing and burning down the building.
         Fiber optic cables carry no heat to the point of illumination. No more hot display cases and no more burns from overheated lamps and fixtures if youre lighting heat-sensitive materials like food displays (such as chocolate), flowers, fine art or cosmetic display cases. Electricity and heat is also a concern when illuminating wine racks and water. With fiber optic lighting you can have a bright focused light without heat or heat damage.
         The fiber optic cable provided by Optical Illusions Ltd. carries no destructive UV rays to the point of illumination, which is why the worlds great museums often use fiber optic lighting to protect their ancient treasures. For preserving fragile and precious items, custom fiber optic lighting systems by Optical Illusions provide a bright but gentle and elegant source of light.
         The popularity of fiber optics among designers include the color changing ability of fiber through the use of color filters and specialty effects that can be produced through the use of color wheels, synchronous controllers, and DMX systems. Using light, color and imagination, the possibilities are endless.
         Fiber optics can be used for building and structure outlines and all types of illuminated letters. Fiber optics can be installed in and around water and people contact areas and just about anywhere your imagination can take you.
         Fiber optics has positively transformed the lighting industry. From small niche applications to large architectural undertakings, from illumination in your landscaping or walkways to gatherings around your patio and pool to awe inspiring starfield ceilings in your bedroom, Optical Illusions Ltd. will provide you with superior custom designs and the highest quality installation.
         Fiber optic cable can be used above or below ground and is an excellent choice for use in or around water or any where heat or electricity is a concern. Moreover, light emitting fibers optics are flexible., cost efficient, suitable for cold environments, non-breakable and has the unique advantage of elegant color change. Create multiple points of light with never having to worry about changing blown out bulbs.
         Exploration of the creative opportunities for fiber optics lighting quickly reveals its infinite potential. Illumination is a unique medium, allowing designers the opportunity to both create a statement with light while accentuating the surrounding area and surfaces. By strategically placing points of light, a once dark canvas transforms into a master piece lighted display using a vast array of colors.