About Us

         Optical Illusions Ltd. was formed in 1997 having over 18 years of experience in the fiber optic industry. The company has installed residential and commercial custom applications across the Midwest. Optical Illusions Ltd. is one of the worlds leading Custom Fiber Optic Installation Companies.
         Optical Illusions Ltd.s TOP priority and pledge is to deliver superior custom designs and the highest quality installation of fiber optic lighting. Fiber optic lighting provides impressive aesthetics, fire hazard safety, more efficient energy savings, and greater maintenance cost benefits vs. conventional lighting.
         Optical Illusions Ltd. has provided colorful lighting solutions for many unique and architecturally challenged applications. Over the years, our applications included landscape lighting, starfield ceilings, water gardens, home theaters, commercial lighting, outdoor kitchen lighting, interior lighting, patio and deck lighting, custom wine cellar illumination, custom mural illuminations, pools/hot tubs, perimeter lighting, kitchen and accent lighting, botanic gardens, and many other specialty installations.
         Optical Illusions Ltd. recently relocated to the Naperville, Illinois area, making it more efficient at servicing the immediate needs of our clients in the Midwest while still having the capability to service the entire United States.
         Our fiber optic lighting systems provide our clients the opportunity to experience soft, elegant shades of light, beautifully shaped at night. Through the integration of colors with darkness, a portrait is painted with light. Optical Illusions is whole heartedly driven with a vision to paint these portraits in the dark. From our viewpoint an optical illusion is created at night and disappears when confronted with light. With market tested, highest quality products, we provide you with a virtually maintenance-free, safe, efficient way to bring pleasure to the eye for years to come.